Sunday, March 25, 2007

These photos of Barite and Boltwoodite are to enjoy the wonderful mineral crystal gems from Namibia. This is not a blog with facts about minerals and crystals, you can find excellent information in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like any hobby the collection of minerals can be divided into different topics, I prefer whatever is pretty to me.

Barite (Bariumsulfate) also spelled Baryte and known as Heavy Spar, contains the heavy mineral barium. It is ground up and used in ao. paint, but although it is a heavy mineral it is not considered poisonous due to it being extremely insoluble.

The radiating form of Barite (known as Bologna Stone) is much sought after. I did not expect the radiation to show up on a photo, but take a close look at the light yellow-green glow over the crystals. It is more obvious in the crystals to the top right on the photo.

Boltwoodite (Hydrated Potassium Uranyl Silicate Hydroxide - I looked it up. I do not care to remember all that). The bright yellow, prismatic crystals of boltwoodite can be seen on the photo left.

Keep in mind that Boltwoodite is radioctive.

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