Friday, March 09, 2007

Mineral crystals, gems from Namibia.
These photos are to enjoy the wonderful mineral gems from Namibia. This is not a blog with facts about minerals and crystals, you can find excellent information in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like any hobby the collection of minerals can be divided into different topics such as country, sulfides, silicates amongst others as well as a collection of only large, or small crystals (the very small ones are often pure perfect crystals).
I prefer whatever is pretty to me.

The clean effect of the Aragonite crystals does not show well on a photo.

Nature went overboard creating blue in Azurite. Here are a few views. This mineral has been treasured from ancient times and probable even before that. I can imagine any human female would like these crystals, no matter how primitive her background is.

Azurite is a copper mineral which will weather into malachite. Azurite can be destroyed by heat into copper oxide a black powder. That will be a pity!


guild_rez said...

Just beautiful gems, I love the blue Azurites..

Angie said...

Oh those azurites ARE beautiful! I wish we had all of those growing around here, but our terrain is not very rocky. You are very lucky indeed!

ericat said...

Hi Angie, I wish I had them growing for sure. Crystals and gem stones have been collected by humans since prehistoric times. The only place you find them now are underground or in very inhospitable places.