Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yet another green year for Namibia. What is the world coming to?
Never mind to answer, we do not mind.... or maybe we should start thinking to buy a farm in the desert for the grandchildren.
Photo below is Kambi the tame kudu doe on the guestfarm Elisenheim near Windhoek

The whole of Namibia is green and wet - south, east, north and west.

We traveled from the Western Cape in the RSA, through Namaqualand and soon after we crossed the border into Namibia there were pools of water as well as the green new grass.  An exhilarating sight for the farmers.


Namib Naturalist said...

It has been such an amazing year with the rain in Namibia. Strange though, it seems like it has gone from dry to wet, then again, dry to wet. 2005 was super dry, 2006 one of the wettest on record. Then the same repeated in 2007 and 2008. I think that one of the important things about the nature of the country is that there is so much land that is not damaged by humans yet, and so there is a chance for nature to recover from the wild swings of weather.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said... is like this all over the world, I can assure you.

Here in The Philippines, it goes from wet to dry to wet to dry to wet to dry again all in the same day!!! We never know when summer is really over and rain is really here!

And when typhoons are predicted to hit, we have typhoon signals, and when they are supposed to hit, suddenly they decide not to hit and it is hot again!

Good lord!!!

Anonymous said...

I need some help regarding raising a kudu calf with a bottle.
Please can you contact me at if you have some information for me. Its quite urgent, the little guy is about 2months old and I'm worried about him, we took him under our wing about 2 days ago, and to me he seems to be getting sick. Please I need help.