Saturday, October 20, 2007

Everybody looked forward to visit the throne in Caprivi Namibia
It is a long hot drive fromWindhoek in the center of Namibia to the Caprivi which is the northern border. The Caprivi is a narrow strip of land above the Kavango swamps in Botswana. Four large rivers border or run through the Caprivi. Okavango, Zambezi, Shakawe and Linyanti. The Caprivi strip stops not far from the Victoria falls. It is part of Namibia and is bordered by Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Imagine "trouble with the neighbors" that would be a major headache.

For me the most beautiful tourist attraction would be the Baobab tree. According to the legend the devil was so jealous when he saw this beautiful tree made by God that he plucked it out and planted it back into the ground with the leaves underground and the roots above ground.  T no avail,  this tree still remained the most beautiful tree.

No time for site seeing now, first things first. A visit to the throne.  The sign on the entrance said "Kings".

  The girls just hoped that they would be permitted to enter too.

Petro did some testing, but there are so much to be seen outside she did not stay long.....

The throne is vacant and ready for the next King.
Now this is life! A real live scene - much better than any newspaper.
Where in the world would you find a better throne.

Many animals large and small visiting the river are just a stone throw away. Not the least, some crocodiles too, which is apparently safe as long as the camp rules are followed. I wonder how they teach the crocodiles not to catch tourists ?!

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Julie said...

How awesome is all that! That could be the throne for me!