Friday, December 22, 2006

natural tree styles like large bonsai trees

natural trees styles shaped by nature in Namibia simulate large bonsai trees.
I hope the Bonsai tree enthusiasts will enjoy the photos of these natural tree styles and maybe get a few ideas to shape the bonsai trees. A twisted Acacia thorn tree will look good in any garden especially as the thorn trees do not cast a dark shade. A gardener will not depend on drought to shape the thorn tree, so pruning will be needed on the tree.
The thorn trees, Acacia as well as other trees of central Namibia have always fascinated me, not by their size but by the shape of the trees. In Namibia nature shapes the trees by providing a growing time with intervals of drought which kills back the soft growth. In the following growing season the new growth will grow in any direction on what is left of the tree.
These are all photos not drawings. I enjoyed playing around with the photos, but I did not change the style or shape of the trees. Not all the trees are Acacia species or thorn-trees but they are all endemic to Namibia. For more tree photos visit my website


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Sam Chan said...

Bonsai gardening does look like an interesting hobby. However, I believe one really have to spend a lot of time in pruning and shaping a bonsai plant.

Till now, I am still spending a lot of my time in front of my computer :)

Jackal said...

Beautiful trees.

Baron said...
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